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Shane Cooke

Shane Cooke oversees corporate finance, commercial, human resources, business development, corporate planning and manufacturing operations, including the contract pharmaceutical services business. Mr. Cooke joined Alkermes as President upon completion of the merger between Elan Drug Technologies (EDT) and Alkermes, Inc. in September 2011. Previously, Mr. Cooke was Head of EDT and Executive Vice President of Elan from 2007 through the merger in 2011 and concurrently served as Chief Financial Officer of Elan Corporation from 2001 to May 2011. Mr. Cooke was appointed Director of Elan in May 2005. Prior to joining Elan, Mr. Cooke was Chief Executive of Pembroke Capital Limited, an aviation leasing company of which he was a founder. Mr. Cooke also previously held a number of senior positions in finance in the banking and aviation industries. Mr. Cooke is a chartered accountant and a graduate of University College Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Cooke currently serves on the Board of Directors of Prothena Corporation plc, Neotope Biosciences and Onclave Therapeutics Limited.